Click Here to Sign Up for Acolyting!

acolyte7.26583456_stdEach week our congregation is served by a number of young people who help us begin and end worship with Christ’s light, collect our offerings for God, and receive the Lord’s Supper. We are so thankful for all who serve in this role.

If your child has been trained as an acolyte, feel free to use the link above to sign them up for Sundays that work well for your family. Days with only one sign up slot are Non-Communion Sundays, while those with two are Communion Sundays.

If you child has not acolyted before, but is interested in getting started, please let us know. We generally offer a large group class in the Fall, or can walk your child through the training one-on-one at another time. Let Jackie know (by phone, 281-855-2950, or email,, and we’ll get you started!