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deep frydDeeFRY’d

A monthly movie night where we have some dinner, watch a movie, and then discuss the movie and how it relates to our lives and God. Friends are always welcome. Cost is $3 to help cover dinner. From 6 to 10 pm.

Middle and High School Students

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High School: July 28th, August 25th

Middle School: July 14th, August 11th

Second Sunday

A monthly youth event on the second Sunday of each month where we have fun, fellowship, and bible study. Second Sunday is from 12-2pm. We start with lunch, then have some kind of game or activity, and lastly we take some time to sit down and study God’s word. This is a great opportunity for the youth of our church to learn and grow in their faith together, so that they can be strong in their foundation as they enter the mission field each and every week in school, work, sports, etc. 

Second Sunday will start back up on September 10th!


Parks & Revelation

During the summertime it is easy to get distracted from God’s word by vacations, free time, being out of your routine, etc. Parks & Revelation is a weekly bible study to keep our youth on track and in God’s word throughout the summer. It got it’s name from meeting at the park, but has since morphed into an inside event; however, the name has stuck. Meetings are every Wednesday evening from 5:30-7:30pm. We have fellowship and fun time for the first hour and the bible study starts at 6:30. We meet in the upstairs youth room at the Family of Faith. 


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