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Summer Program

Welcome to FOF (The Family of Faith) Summer Camp 2013!  This summer at FOF Summer Camp promises to be filled with funfriendshipsskill building, and faith.


Our goals at Summer Camp are simple.  We want for every child to:

  • Have fun
  • Know that Jesus loves them
  • Remember the old skills they learned last year
  • Learn some new fun skills school doesn’t have the opportunity to teach

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Summer Program hours are from 6:30am-6:30pm.  Camp hours are from 8:45am to 3:30pm.

Each morning of the week that your camper is here we ask that a parent or other adult come into the building to sign-in your camper.  On the first day of camp each week come in to look at the weekly schedule, pay any tuition that is due, receive notes about the day/week, etc.

Likewise, if there is anything the Summer Camp staff needs to know about your camper during the week – this is the time/place to communicate/confirm information.  There will be a space for “notes” on the attendance sheets.  Please communicate important information here so we can have a “hard document” of important information.  Examples of important information to share are: alternate pick-up person, needed medications, requests to miss an activity, etc.  If something is more personal and private, you may leave a note for the Director.   

Please drop-off your camper by 8:45am daily.  Important information for the day is shared at our opening at 8:45am.  We also don’t typically have staff to just ‘man the door’, unless we’re planning for it.  If you know there’s a high probability that you’ll be late, please let us know in advance.  We may be able to accommodate you.  

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A legal guardian, as noted on the enrollment form, must enter the building to sign-out and pick-up the camper.  If someone other than who is noted on the enrollment form is needed to pick-up your camper you must inform the Summer Camp office or note it on the sign-in sheet in the morning.  Identity verification will be asked of the authorized pick-up person.  These are security measures intended to protect you and your child.

If your child will be picked-up before 3:30pm, please notify Summer Camp in advance, either by calling the Summer Camp office or by notifying us in the morning.  Our scheduled activities may be located all around our campus.  Prior notification will help to expedite your camper pick-up process.  

Please Note: All campers must be picked up by 6:30pm.  Campers not picked up at this time will incur a late fee of $1 for each minute after 6:30pm.

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WHAT TO BRING TO CAMP:  (everything must be labeled with the child’s name)

  • Morning Snack.  Morning snack time is at 9:55am.  Please supply your child with a snack for each morning. (FOF Summer Camp will provide snack for the 3pm snack time.)
  • Lunch – every day.   Please send a lunch each day with your child.  If your child has any food allergies, please be sure to notify Summer Camp in writing. 
  • More on Lunches:
  • Lunches may be brought in a lunch box/bag with an ice pack.
  • All lunches must be marked with first and last name.
  • We will not be warming any lunches.  Please send food that can be eaten cold.
    • Spare Clothes.  Each camper should have a set of spare clothes in their backpack for messy accidents that may happen during camp activities or outside play.
    • Tennis Shoes.  It is recommended that all campers wear closed-toed shoes for their safety and comfort. Your camper may want to leave an extra pair with his/her spare clothes if they prefer sandals. 
    • Sunscreen. Labeled with name and date.  Camp staff will store everyone’s and bring out when needed.
    • Bug Spray.  (If desired)  Labeled with name and date.   Camp staff will store everyone’s and bring out when needed.
    • Water Bottle.  Labeled. Campers will store in their cubby and use when needed.  Note – when outside, water breaks will be given every 30 minutes.   
    • Diapers/Pull-ups and Wipes.  FOF Summer Camp is a “no pull up zone” so if your child is potty training please talk to the Director about your potty training strategy so that we can work with your child effectively.   Label all clothing, diapers and boxes of wipes.
    • Nap Mats.  Every child 18 months through 2 years will lay down for a nap after lunch (approximately 12:30) either until they wake up or until 3pm.  If your child is 3yrs and older and you would like your child to nap, please notify the summer camp staff.  Any child who states the need, or appears to need, to lie down and rest will be provided with the opportunity to do so.
    • Anything else your child wants to bring.  Campers will have access to a cubby (which may be shared with at least one other camper) where all personal items may be stored. Please monitor what your child brings – so it is not offensive, too valuable, or inappropriate.  Anything found to be inappropriate or that becomes a nuisance, the Director will store until picked up at the end of the day. The next time it is brought – a parent must pick it up.  FOF Summer Camp cannot be held responsible for personal items brought to Camp.     
    • Other requested items.  On occasion, campers will be invited to bring particular items to camp that may add to an activity for that day.  No one is obligated to bring these items, but all are encouraged to participate in the fun for the day.

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Campers are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing.  We will go outside daily, so please keep that in mind.  Closed toed shoes are recommended for outside.  Campers are welcome to leave a pair of shoes at Camp in their cubby. 


All clothing must be tasteful and not contradict Christian values through wording, pictures, and/or design.  Clothing must cover midriffs.  Swimwear must be appropriate.  Also we ask that children wear a swim shirt that will help protect their skin while at water play.   If the Director finds any swimwear to be inappropriate, the camper will be asked to wear a t-shirt to cover the swimwear.

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Every day we will meet at 8:45am to start our day’s activities together at FOF Summer  Camp.  In Opening time we learn how we are Creations of God.  When we tell others about God, forgive, share, and serve others – we are Missionaries for God!  We are all on God’s Team – so let’s work together to share His love with everyone we encounter.  At Summer Camp, we will learn and practice some of the ways we can serve God.  We will also encourage our campers to be active in spreading God’s Word and Saving Love, not just at Camp, but at home and in their neighborhoods. 

Feel free to join us at our Opening.  We meet every morning at 8:45am in the gym.

Throughout the day we will also join together to pray, whether it’s before a meal or when we start a special activity

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Campers will have free time in the gym or Breezeway until the morning opening begins at 8:45am.  Throughout the rest of the day campers will participate in group games, crafts, computer lab time, library time, use of the gym and outdoor playground, and any camp activities for that week.  Movies shown will not have a rating higher than PG, and any music played will be tasteful and not contradict Christian values. 


Every other Friday will be movie day at FOF Summer Camp.  A movie will be shown on the big screen, popcorn and other possible refreshments will be available for campers for a real movie effect.


Every other Friday will be water play day.  We will play with sprinklers, water toys, get soaked in our water slide and cool off during the summer day.  Campers will need appropriate water play attire (including water shoes) and a towel.

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JUNE 10-14           Messy Art Week
We will spend this week doing really messy art outside. We will squirt paint from spray bottles, do spaghetti art, sponge and roller art and display our work throughout the week. Bring an old t-shirt and get ready to get messy!
June 17 –21     Karate
This camp was a hit and a kick last summer! Pastor Larry Wong takes each class through a series of moves, poses and techniques to get strong bodies and strengthening our faith while learning focus, self-control, self-discipline and self-defense.
July 8-12      Rock and Roll Robotics
Create robots that rock and robots that roll! Using the LEGO™ WeDo Robotics Kit build a robotic monkey that plays a drum to a rock & roll beat, a lion that roars, a bird that flaps its wings, and a boat that will rock on the rough seas. Build knowledge of simple machines, engineering, programming, and teamwork in a course full of Rockin’ Fun!
4th and 5th
Programming with Bee-Bot:
Bee-Bot(a robot bee)has buzzed into town to help us learn about robots and programming. Program the Bee-Bot to run through a maze, search for lost objects and draw artistic designs. Robot fun for everyone. No laptops needed for this course Beginner K-3rd
July 22 – 26       Culinary Camp
Close your eyes and smell the sweet aroma coming from the kitchen. Our preschoolers will be rolling dough and cutting and baking cookies. Our school-aged kids will learn about nutrition, plan a menu, prepare a meal, set the table and serve the meal.
August 5 – 9         Water Week
A week long of splish splash fun on our water slide and other fun water activities!


 If you are a returning camper, pre-registration will start April 1st and forms will be emailed to you with tuition and fee schedule.  Please contact Ms. Cora at cbnash2003@yahoo.com if you do not receive your forms. 

New campers:   pre-registration starts April 15th.  Fee schedule and weekly tuition is below.

  • New campers:
    • 5 day program- $165
    • 3 day program- $130
    • 2 day program- $95
  • Pay the summer in advance
    • 5 day program- $155
    • 3 day program- $120
    • 2 day program- $85
    • 1 week registration fee- $20
  • Additional siblings- 10% discount
  • Registration
    • $100 registration fee (includes supplies and camps)
    • $50 Capital Use Fee per camper (covers building use)
    • Parents, you pick the weeks that your children will attend.

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Weeks Open for FOF Summer Camp 2013

6:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

June 3-7
June 10-14
June 17-21
June 24-28

July 1-5 (closed July 4th)
July 8-12
July 15-19
July 22-26

July 29-Aug 2

Aug 5-9

Aug 12-16

Aug 19-23

Aug 26-30

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