Dear Flower-Donor,Picture1

Since we confess God to be the Creator of heaven and earth, it is appropriate for us to provide a sample of the beauty of nature in the chancel in the form of flower arrangements.

If you would like to purchase an arrangement of flowers to be placed on the altar follow these steps;

1. Purchase: Bring your money for your purchase to the church office. The average purchase price of a flower arrangement is $30.00.  More elaborate flower displays are available if you so desire.

2. Date: Give the church office  your payment along with the date you would like the flowers put on the altar.

3. Honoree/s: Once the money is provided, and the date is selected, if you, the donor, would like to have the flowers placed in the chancel in remembrance of a loved one, please provide the name and occasion being honored.

4. Prayer: If you would like the honoree to be noted by the pastor in the in the prayers on the day the flowers are displayed, please provide your request to the office, as well.

The above information will be gathered in an Altar Flower Purchase form by the Administrative Assistant in the church office.

Thank you for your generous donation to the beautification of our sanctuary.Picture4

In Christ’s service,

Pastor Doug