Pathway Youth Mentoring

Coming again this Fall 2015 (1)

What is Mentoring?

“Mentoring is intentionally investing time to help a teenager pursue God’s purposes and plans for life. Mentoring is not about a specific set of questions and answers. Mentoring is allowing a person to learn from you.”*  It is a friendship between a teen and an adult where learning happens naturally through the relationship.

Why mentoring?

…Families (including those at FOF) are busier than ever. Subsequently, we feel that youth are struggling to connect to church, with their faith, to the Youth Ministry, and even to God. Therefore, we hope that by having a Christian adult, through the Youth Ministry, connect more personally with each of our church youth (essentially taking the ministry to them), we can better connect them to God, their faith, the church, and to one other. If you want to be a mentor, or a mentee, or know someone who might, please contact Peter (

What will it look like?

Most Mentors will have two (2) Mentees. (Some exceptions will apply.) Commitment will be for one year.

They will meet once a month for coffee, lunch, dinner, etc…Spend time just talking about life, what’s going on in school, family, friends, etc. They may want to meet to do something fun… art class, baseball game, etc.

They will communicate at least once a week.

Spiritual accountability – Have you been reading your Bible? How can I pray for you?

How will someone be included?

  1. Youth can request a Mentor.
  2. An approved Mentor can seek out a certain youth (approved by Youth Ministry) we think is a good match.
  3. Parents can request their child have a Mentor.Who will be mentors?All adults who want to be a Mentor will be from our church and will do the following:
    1. Fill out an application.
    2. Supply two (2) references that will be checked.
    3. Have a background check done.
    4. Have an interview with the Mentoring  Coordinator(s).
    5. Watch Ministry Safe – Sexual Abuse Awareness Training Video– this can be viewed on own time from home, there is a short quiz afterwards to verify it has been completed.

youth mentoring blurb2

youth mentoring blurb
Connecting to the family:

We will do a casual, fun meet and greet near the beginning of the year so that parents and Mentors can meet.  We will be encouraging Mentors to build relationships with the families of the Mentees (when possible) as well as stressing the importance of praying for the Mentee’s family.

Are you interested in being involved?

Applications for both Mentors and Mentees can be picked up from Peter Bergman or from the Youth Bulletin Board at the Copperfield campus. Fill them out and turn them into the black mailbox next to the Youth Bulletin Board at church or give them to Peter or Tara.
Feel free to contact any of the coordinators with questions.