VBS Volunteer Roles

There are lots of ways to help with VBS!

It takes a village to raise a child, and it certainly takes a congregation to lead Vacation Bible School. While there are a number of ways to be involved, volunteer opportunities fall into two broad categories:

  • Day1_Sal_LRCrew Leader – Here you get to participate in everything with one crew! Each day you travel with the same group of kids to each station and experience the activities together.
  • Station Leader – Here you get to lead one thing with every crew! Whether it’s the Deep Bible Quests, Imagination Station, or Spelunker Sports and Games, each day you lead the same station as each crew rotates through for the day’s activities.

We would love to find a way to help you serve the kids in our VBS program. You can read more about each station and the other areas to help out below. If you have an idea of where you would like to volunteer, let us know by submitting a volunteer form.

Volunteer Form

Volunteer Descriptions


Sing & Play Rock and/or Cave Quest Closing Leader

  • Learn the 10 terrific Cave Quest songs and motions so you can lead kids in several songs each day.
  • Brush up on the Bible story in advance, and use the daily Bible Point often during the opening activities.
  • Share the excitement as kids report their daily God sightings
  • Elem_CaveQuestClosing_LRBe ready to enthusiastically lead Cave Quest Closing for the entire VBS at the end of each day, with lots of fun-filled activities that help kids discover that God has the power to provide, comfort, heal, forgive, and love them forever!


Imagination Station Leader

  • Elem_ImaginationStation_LRUse the daily Bible Point often as you lead multiple sessions of Imagination Station each day, and help kids connect the fun experiments to Bible truths.
  • Become familiar with the helpful material in the Imagination Station Leader Manual, and try out all the Sciency-Fun Gizmos in advance!
  • Collect all the listed supplies for your awesome activities (we’ll help you!).
  • Show magnetic enthusiasm as you help kids carry out their Operation Kid-to-Kid mission.

Deep Bible Quests Leader

  • Elem_DeepBibleQuests_LRBecome familiar with the helpful material the Deep Bible Quests Leader Manual
  • Use the great decorating ideas to set up your Deep Bible Quests area… you’ll transport kids back to Bible times in unforgettable ways!
  • Use the Bible Point often as you lead children through incredible and interactive learning activities that make the Bible stories come alive, in multiple sessions of Deep Bible Quests each day.

Spelunker Sports & Games Leader

  • Elem_SpelunkerSports&Games_HRCheck out all the awesome game options in the Spelunker Sports & Games Leader Manual – every game has a connection to the day’s Bible Point or Operation Kid-to-Kid mission project.
  • Gather all the listed supplies for the games you plan to lead (we’ll help you!).
  • Lead Crews in the fun at multiple sessions of Spelunker Sports & Games each day.
  • Help the Spotlight VBS Leader with a cool photo shoot during one Games session each day as kids star in the VBS slide show that everyone will watch at Cave Quest Closing.

Cavern Café Leader

  • Elem_CavernCafe_LRLead a kitchen crew to help set up the Cavern Café area and clean up after snacks are served each day.
  • Use the Cavern Café Leader Manual to organize all the food and kitchen supplies for the yummy, creative snacks.
  • Set up the snack preparation area, and guide kids as a different group of Crews makes the snacks each day – yes, they really can!
  • Be ready to explain how the snack ties in with the day’s Bible verse and Bible point.

Elem_KidVidCinema_LRKidVid Cinema Leader

  • Use the daily Bible point often as you guide crews in thought-provoking experiences and heart-touching discussions.
  • Put on your “techie hat” as you shows the special KidVid Stories DVD at multiple sessions of KidVid Cinema each day.
  • Become familiar with the helpful material in the KidVid Cinema Leader Manual.

Spotlight VBS Leader

  • Elem_SpotlightVBS_LRBe ready to use your photography and computer skills to create a super cool photo presentation, using the special downloadable Spotlight VBS files.
  • Look over the instructions and photographer’s scripts in the Spotlight VBS Leader Manual, and gather the props required for special photo shots.
  • Meet Crews at the first session of Spelunker Sports & Games each day to take pictures of kids, according to directions in your script.
  • Wow the kids, volunteers, and parents at Cave Quest Closing each day with a unique Spotlight VBS show featuring our participants!

Crew Leader

  • Gear up and participate in fun activities while building relationships with a group of three to five elementary or preschool aged kids
  • Be at VBS 20 minutes early to greet Crew members each day.

Registration Team

  • Help group kids into the Crews that they will learn and grow with throughout the week.
  • Be at VBS 30 minutes early to greet children and help them sign-in for the day.

Décor Designers

  • Help us think of ways to transform The Family of Faith into a cavernous cave.
  • Follow existing ideas to create sets, organize props, and distribute signs to help Crews navigate our VBS program.

Tech Team

  • Run the video, sound and or/slides during the opening and closing sessions each day.
  • Help Station Leaders set-up and use their DVDs and CDs.
  • Take photos of all the excitement that’s happening at VBS throughout the week.