What To Expect

The Family of Faith is a place to call ‘home’ for people gathering in Christ, celebrating in worship, reaching out in love, extending God’s forever kingdom.single mom

The Family of Faith Lutheran Church aspires to serve the people of Northwest Houston by presenting the Gospel in three distinct and very intentional ways:

  • Multi-generational:  Based upon the teachings of the Bible, we are dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all age groups.  It is our firm belief that the family is one of God’s chosen instruments for sharing the Good News.  One of the strongest ways to advocate for living the Christian life is for a child to share the activity of worship with her parent.
  •  Multi-cultural: Based upon the teachings of Holy Scripture, we are girldedicated to sharing the message of salvation with “all nations” (Matthew 28:19).  The school districts that serve Northwest Houston provide education to people who speak over one hundred different languages.  God intends all of these people to know that He loves them.
  •  Multi-site: Because our the population in our community is growing so rapidly, the Lord has made it clear to us that we are to offer the Gospel of salvation in more than one location.  Therefore, each Sunday we offer worship at 10 a.m. in Copperfield and at 5:30 p.m. in Fairfield.

hispIn addition to addressing the three-multis, we also are dedicated to providing the six functions of the church to all participants.  The six functions of the church are listed here:

  •  Stewardship: God generously provides us with talents, gifts, time, and treasure.  In response to the Lord’s generous provision for us, we give generously to honor our Savior and serve our neighbor.
  • Education: The Lord has provided us His inerrant, inspired Word.  The Word is used by God to create andteens sustain the miracle of faith in human hearts.  Therefore, it is of central importance that we continue to study the Scriptures regularly.
  • Worship:  At the Family worship is primarily what God gives to us. The Lord provides us His name, and we respond with acts of thanksgiving. The Savior gives us free forgiveness, and we respond with lives of praise. God teaches us in His Word, and we respond in prayer.
  • Evangelism/Witness/ Mission: In addition to responding the Lord in worship, we also react to God’s grace in Christ Jesus by sharing Christ with others. The first step to sharing Christ is to first receive Christ oneself.  Next, the Christian looks and listens for the unique opportunities God provides each home_062baptized believer.  Finally, the Holy Spirit leads the Christian to boldly and lovingly share her faith.
  • Human Care: God is just. There are many in our community, and beyond, that are in need of physical support such as food and clothing.  The Family of Faith sponsors a small food pantry, gathers lightly used clothes, and cooperates with other human care agencies to assist our neighbors.
  • Fellowship: We at the Family enjoy people.  Whether it is sharing a meal, gathering for a picnic, or attending a ball game together, the joy of the Lord goes with us.