Who We Are

The Family of Faith is a place to call ‘home’ for people gathering in Christ, celebrating in worship, reaching out in love, extending God’s forever kingdom.

We are a faith community gathered by God through Holy Baptism.

Therefore, we celebrate our life together now, and our future life together in heaven.

This ongoing celebration takes on several forms:

1.Gospel Centered Worship: We believe that Jesus Christ lived a perfect life for us, died a sacrificial death for us, and rose victoriously over sin, death, and the devil for us. In response to this Good News, we thank and praise our Lord with prayers, and songs, and sermons, and dramas, and puppet skits, and banners, and with all the creativity with which the Lord has supplied us. See the media section of this web-page for the most recent recordings of the family worshiping together.

2. Bible Study: The Family of Faith believes that the Bible is the very word of God. In other words, we believe that the one, true, and triune God speaks to us today through the 66 books the Holy Spirit inspired men and women to write and speak in history. Therfore, when we want to listen to God, we open the Bible and read. See the ministries tab to review the numerous opportunities now available.

3. Service to the Community: The Scripture clearly teaches that we are primarily present on earth to serve others. Jesus demonstrated this to his disciples by washing their feet the night he was betrayed unto death on the cross.

4.  Honoring Family as God’s Primary Small Group: The Bible teaches us that the Lord created families. The role of husband and wife, father, mother, child, sister, brother, all were intended by God to be a blessing to individual souls. Therefore, we go out of our way to keep families (of all types) together in worship, Bible Study, and service to the community.