10 Summer Fun Activities for Preschoolers

It can be challenging to come up with ideas for fun activities for preschoolers’ short attention spans during the summer months. These activities will allow them to be creative while keeping their brains active and engaged. Make sure you supervise each exercise and take care of any tasks that require using scissors, hot glue or other potential child hazards.

1. Paint Fireworks With a Dish Brush


  • Washable blue and red paint
  • Small dish brushes with knobbed handles
  • Two paper plates
  • Large sheets of construction paper, preferably white

Pour out your red and blue paints onto an individual paper plate with a dish brush for each. Pass out sheets of construction paper to your preschoolers and let them use the brushes for painting. Show them how to dip the brush and press it down to get the desired fireworks effect. They will soon become inspired to come up with new creations!

2. Butterfly Collage


  • Butterfly cutout template (find online or in a crafts store)
  • Divided tray
  • Various colors of cardstock
  • Glue
  • Sequins, jewels, buttons, stickers (or whatever sparkles you have on hand)
  • Pipe cleaners

Use the butterfly cutouts to trace butterfly designs on your cardstock, then cut out the butterflies. Separate your art supplies into the divided tray for easy access. It is a good idea to cut your pipe cleaner into smaller pieces to place on the tray as well.

Let your preschoolers use the glue to decorate their butterflies in any style they desire. You can hang the butterflies around your house with string, tape them to your refrigerator, or place them anywhere else in the home that can use a little cheer!

3. Alphabet Flowers


  • Foal flower stickers
  • Green Playdoh
  • Flower pots (find them at Walmart or a craft store)
  • Green craft sticks (painted Popsicle sticks will also work)
  • Marker or Sharpie
  • Glue or tape

Use the marker to write a letter on each of your flower stickers. Use glue or tape to attach your flower sticker to a green craft stick. Leave the backing on the stickers to keep them from sticking together. Place the green Playdoh into the bottom of the pots and use them to anchor the flowers as your kids’ “plant” them.

4. Easter Egg Sounds


  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • Sharpie
  • Miniature animal erasers

Teach your preschoolers how to identify animal sounds while finding a use for those old plastic Easter eggs you still have lying around. Gather all your animal erasers, then write the beginning letter of each animal’s name on the egg. Allow your child to match an animal eraser to the egg with the correct letter, then imitate the sound the animal makes.

5. Alphabet Fishing


  • Fish cutout template
  • Card stock
  • Stick
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Magnet
  • Hot glue
  • Laundry basket
  • Blue plastic table cloth
  • Paper clips
  • Pack of small plastic stick-on googly eyes (try the dollar store or a craft store)

Place your fish cutout template against a piece of cardstock and start making your fish. Cut out as many fish as you desire for your scene. You should handle this part yourself and keep sharp scissors away from small children.

Write an upper-case letter of the alphabet on each one. You can also use lower-case letters or have a mix of both. Let your child attach a googly eye to each cutout. Spread your tarp around and place your fish at various points.

Tie a piece of yarn around your stick, keeping the length short enough for your child to control. Attach the magnet to the end of the string using hot glue. Again, you should not allow your children to do this part. Make sure you stay around for the activity to keep an eye on the magnet.

Place your laundry basket in the middle of your makeshift lake, then have your child climb in with their fishing pole. Call out different letters and have your child “fish” for the match. You can also allow them to pick their letter and recite it out loud to show you their level of knowledge.

6. Musical Chairs


  • Music
  • Chairs

Try out this old favorite when summer storms keep you trapped inside. Play your favorite tunes and have everyone race to grab a chair. Remove one after each round until one victor remains standing.

7. Scavenger Hunt

You can use both the backyard and the inside of the house for this activity. It is a good idea to draw up a plan of time that outlines the course of the game. Hide various clues and prizes in and outside of the house for everyone to hunt down. Come up with an educational theme like learning about different animals. Make sure you leave clues that allow your young children to have a fair chance at winning. You can also pair them up with a bigger partner, so they feel fully involved.

8. Dress Up Runway

Use some of those old clothes you were going to give away and have your kids try to create costumes from different eras. You can educate them on important facts from each decade while they show off their creations to the family.

9. Garden Pot Art


  • Watercolor paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Garden pots
  • Soil for pots
  • Various plant seeds

Combine art and nature by having your kids decorate gardening pots and then grow plants. Place the paint onto paper plates and then let them come up with individual creations. Once they are done, add soil and seeds to each plot. Your children can watch as the plants blossom throughout the rest of the summer.

10. Alphabet Tree Game


  • Green construction paper
  • Brown construction paper
  • Apple stickers
  • Sharpie

Cut out a treetop and trunk and either glue or tape them together. Write lower-case letters all over the treetop. Call out different letters, then have your child place the apple stickers over the relevant letter until all the letters are covered.

The Family of Faith Preschools

Who said education had to be boring? We hope you have a good time trying these summer fun activities for preschoolers!

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