A Crown and Kids

“A Crown and Kids”


It is my pleasure to serve as the Senior Pastor at The Family of Faith Lutheran Church. One reason working at The Family is such a pleasure has to do with the energy and excitement that the preschool children and preschool staff members bring with them every day.

For example, today, in celebration of my 53rd birthday on Saturday, the staff presented me with a lovely birthday crown. This lovely craft was handmade by Ms. Tara. How much fun is that! Of course, I proudly wore my birthday crown as I greeted the children and their families at the door. As we celebrated the Lord’s goodness to us at our daily chapel time, I proudly wore my new birthday crown throughout the service. The children and staff members even sang the birthday song to me at the end of our time together in the sanctuary.

After all this extra attention, it occurred to me that I was receiving a small taste of the care and support that our children receive from our staff members every day. Celebrating birthdays is something our staff makes a priority in their classrooms. Actually, the staff finds something to celebrate with the children on a daily basis. It may be a birthday. It may be a rainbow in the sky. It may be a new game. Somehow each day the staff direct the children towards God’s goodness to them while inviting the children to join the joy.

I pray that each of you, parents, and grandparents, may share in the culture of joy found in the hallways, classrooms, playground, gym, and chapel of The Family of Faith Lutheran Church and Preschool whether it is your birthday, or not. May the Lord generously give to you eyes to see his generosity and a heart to respond to his repeated goodness.

-Pastor Doug

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