A Month of Thanksgiving

At The Family of Faith Lutheran Church we do not host a Thanksgiving Eve service; instead we dedicate the entire month of November to observing a month of thanksgiving. This year is different in that we have so much to thank God about as a congregation.

For example, last Sunday we held our biannual Congregational Forum. During this meeting the business of the church was addressed by the members of the church. The list of blessings was very long. I especially am thankful for all the volunteer church leaders who guide our ministry efforts. Such leaders include the members of the Board of Directors, the elders, and those who serve on one of the Ministry Teams, sing with the Praise Team, assist with the Tech Team, and/or prepare the altar with the Altar Guild. Please join me in thanking God for our volunteer church leaders.

While we have been generously blessed by the Lord over the last six months since our last Congregational Forum, God also has called us to continue our service to Him. Jana Strange has prepared a simple form that will help us coordinate who would like to serve and in what capacity. Please see Jana after church to offer your time and talents to the Lord. Or, you can always send me an email outlining your areas of interest at pastordoug.tfof.org.


-Pastor Doug


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