Baptism, Ashes, and Preparing for Easter

On Wednesday, March 6, 2019, churches around the world will adopt a devotional practice called Lent. During this season of the church year the people of God take extra time for devotions and worship in order to prepare themselves for the greatest celebration in the world – the celebration of Easter/ the victorious resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In preparation for the greatest celebration, the people of God take time to reflect on their relationship with God. For example, the Bible teaches us that each of us have a problem with sin. Therefore, the church reflects on this teaching of the Bible using acts of repentance.

One such traditional symbol of repentance is the custom of placing ashes on one’s forehead in the shape of the cross on Ash Wednesday.  The baptized receive the sign of the cross both upon there forehead and upon their heart during the baptismal service as a symbol of their forgiveness. This sign of the cross is repeated daily throughout one’s life. The use of ashes reminds us that we are all mortal and that we are called to recognize our sin and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ in order to receive free forgiveness. The forgiveness is free because Jesus died on the cross in our place and for our stead. His death offers true life to us all.

At The Family of Faith we will observe Ash Wednesday with a meal at 6 PM and with a worship service at 7 PM. In addition, the Senior Pastor will be present at both ministry locations in order to provide the imposition of ashes to those who choose to participate in this devotional discipline. Each Wednesday after Ash Wednesday a special virtual devotion video will be posted. These posts will include a brief devotional thought and a song. Five songs will be introduced in five successive Wednesdays. Each of these songs will be sung in our Easter morning worship service. You are invited to join us is preparing for the greatest celebration in the world.

-Pastor Doug

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