Celebrating in Christ

This time of the year at The Family of Faith is lots of fun. It is lots of fun because we have the opportunity to celebrate. For example, this last Saturday, we celebrated the graduation of our preschool students. The children wore white caps and gowns as they processed into the sanctuary for the preschool graduation service. The children led the congregation in prayer, and song, and the pledges. Parents energetically took pictures as their child received their diploma from the preschool directors and myself.

In addition to the preschool graduation, we celebrated six confirmation students on Sunday in the Rite of Confirmation. Each of these children joined me each Sunday after church for at least a year in order to study the Bible carefully in preparation for their first communion. Each confirmand approached the altar for Holy Communion with their families. And each student presented a confirmation project in order to express their faith. One student created an artistic painting that was displayed on the bulletin. Another student crafted a wood cross and decorated it in such a way that it displayed an iridescent shine.

Finally, on Sunday, we also celebrated Pentecost Day. This is the day God poured out the Holy Spirit upon the church. The Spirit moved the church to speak God’s Word of salvation to many, as well as moving the church to baptize 3,000 souls in one day. May God continue to gather us as His family, as The Family of Faith, to celebrate His great goodness to us all.

-Pastor Doug

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