Christmas: Decorations, Parades, and Children’s Worship

“Christmas: Decorations, Parades, and Children’s Worship”

Over this last week The Family of Faith has enjoyed decorating for Christmas, sponsoring a parade float, and offering a Children’s Worship service. Each of these efforts require considerable volunteer help. The volunteers have been provided by both the congregational members and the preschool families and staff members. Thank you to all the volunteers who decorated the sanctuary, the back of church, and the entrance to the preschool at Copperfield. Thank you to all the volunteers who decorated the float for the Parade of Lights last Sunday. And thank you for all the preschool staff members who worked so hard to help the children prepare for the two Preschool Christmas Worship Services.

Please know that all of you reading this blog are invited to attend the Copperfield Christmas Worship Service at 1 PM this Saturday. In addition to the wonderful songs offered by the children, this is a wonderful time to meet each other. So often I see our church members and our preschool families walk by each other without ever meeting each other. Why not take a few minutes to have a cookie after the children’s service and get to meet each other?

In addition to the Children’s Service at Copperfield, we will be offering two Christmas Eve services this year. At Miramesa at 4 PM we will be offering a service we call “Carols and Cookies”. This service is especially made for families with young children. Our Director of Music Ministry will be leading us in carols. I will be offering a puppet presentation along with a brief message for the children and their families. In addition, we will enjoy easy, no-mess Christmas crafts with the children and, of course, COOKIES.

At 6:30 PM at Copperfield, we will be offering a Christmas Eve Story time. This means I will be reading Christmas Eve children’s books to the children after which we will enjoy COOKIES.

At 7 PM at Copperfield, we will offer our Traditional Christmas Candle Lighting Service. During this service we will enjoy traditional Christmas songs, a Christmas message, prayers, only to end the service by singing Silent Night with candles alight. This is the 200th anniversary of Silent Night which was made to be sung accompanied by guitar. We will be singing Silent Night as it was designed to be sung: in worship with guitar.

Please feel free to attend any, or all, of these events as you enjoy celebrating the true message of Christmas.

-Pastor Doug



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