Congregational Planning Retreat

Your input is important to us at The Family of Faith. The Family of Faith Lutheran Church follows a congregational form of church governance. What this means is that there is no single person who decides on the vision, mission, and core values of our church home. Instead, our church goes out of its way to listen to the people who make up our church family.

One important way we listen to each other, and pray with each other, is the annual Congregational Planning Retreat. At this retreat you are invited to add your voice to our family conversation. If you are a member, if you send your child to our preschool, if you have been attending worship, if your youth is in our youth group, all are welcome to participate.

In the Bible this approach to church governance was specified when the Apostle Peter wrote that all believers are to “be a holy priesthood” (1 Peter 2:5). You, dear Christian, are a priest, according to the Bible. As a priest you are called to intercede for others. Please join us this Saturday, February 2, at The Family of Faith – Copperfield at 9 AM in the sanctuary. We will be done no later than noon. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. If you need care for your children, please email me soon so we can plan to assist you.

– Pastor Doug


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