Family Dance Night

Each year around Valentine’s Day The Family of Faith Preschool hosts a fundraising event: Family Dance Night. This year The Family Dance Night will be held on Friday, February 15, from 6:30 PM to 10 PM. Last year this event was so successful that all the classrooms at the Copperfield location received new furniture such as tables and chairs. With your prayers and support this year’s event can be equally successful. This year the proceeds of this event are ear-marked to help improve the playground equipment at the Copperfield location.

For a donation of $30 per family, the fun begins. Of course, after all of that dancing you and your family are going to want a beverage and a snack. Thank you to the ladies of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League for their help with this year’s concession stand.

If the dance floor gets to be too much for you, you are welcome to take a break by touring through all of the items in the silent auction. Last year I bid on a custom-made wood step-stool. I was so pleased to discover my bid won. You can know this joy to by bidding on the numerous items that are part of the Silent Auction.

Feel free to bring friends and extended family members. The Family Dance Night is for families from both the Copperfield and Miramesa locations. This event is open to both church members and preschool families. Remember, we are ONE faith-family serving in two ministry locations. There is nothing quit like hitting the dance floor with a hundred preschool children and their family members. It really is a lot of fun.

– Pastor Doug

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