Happy New Year in Jesus Name.

Welcome to 2019. At this time of the year we like to celebrate our congregational goal of being intentionally a multi-cultural church. One of the ways we celebrate our various cultural backgrounds is by hosting the annual Multi-Cultural Potluck on Saturday, January 19.

What’s a Multi-Cultural Potluck? Each family in our church, preschool, and youth group, are invited to bring a dish that represents their family’s cultural heritage. For example, my family has a German background, so we might bring some pflaumenkuchen (plum cake). We encourage participants to bring enough to share with up to a dozen other people.

In the past we have been blessed to have generous donations of food from Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana, Venezuela, Mexico, El Salvador, Brazil, India, China, Thailand, Korea, Poland, Norway, Finland, England, and, of course, the United States of America. Each family brought what they so chose to bring (it was not all plum cake).

Over the years artists have painted special backgrounds to represent various places in the world. The tables where the food is served are set up in front of these colorful backgrounds.

While we are sharing a meal together, we are also learning about each other’s families and culinary cultures. Our prayer is that by sharing our favorite foods we may also learn to appreciate the world-wide diversity that is present right in our own area of town.

This is also a wonderful event for the families who attend preschool, and the families who attend church, to get to meet each other.

In addition to the food, we have in the past had presentations of music and dance from around the world.

Plan now to join the fun. Put this event on your calendar today.

– Pastor Doug

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