How Members of The Family of Faith May Ask for Administrative Help

At The Family of Faith, the administration of the church and its activities happens through a coordinated effort between volunteers (both elected officers of the church and church volunteers), full-time staff members, and part-time staff members. In order to assist all of these individuals with their various requests for administrative help we are blessed to have one very talented and dedicated part-time Administrative Assistant, namely, Brenda. The Administrative Assistant is under the daily supervision of the Director of Business Operations, Marisa, who is also a talented and dedicated and is also a blessing to us all.

Marisa oversees how Brenda uses her work-time. This oversight provides for the prioritization of each task that is requested. Therefore, whether you are the President of the Congregation, or serving on the Board of Elders, or serving as the Director of Preschool Operations, or serving as the Senior Pastor, one’s request for administrative help is to first go to Marisa. Marisa will compare the request with the other requests that have already been made. The Director of Business Operations will then direct the request to the proper person with the proper prioritization. By participating in this process, we are able to manage the numerous requests that are presented from numerous people. You may contact the Director of Business Operations, Marisa, at, or by calling 281-855-2950.

As always, if you have any questions, or concerns, about the process by which we manage the administrative needs of our congregation, and preschool, or any other questions or inquiries, feel free to contact me directly at, or 281-855-2950.

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