Purple or Pink? Cross or Heart?

Purple or Pink? Cross or Heart?

An unusual intersection of annual celebrations is about to visit us. This year Lent and Valentine’s Day are on the same day. In the traditional church, the color for the season of Lent is purple – a season that begins with Ash Wednesday, which is February 14 this year. The same day on the secular calendar is Valentine’s Day and is often associated with pink and the shape of a heart. What will this February 14th look like at The Family of Faith? Might it look like purple and hearts? Or pink crosses?

God is certainly a God of love. The Lord is glad to see children being raised in his love. The Creator planned for romantic love to precede the birth of children. For example, Isaac loved Rebekah romantically before the couple was blessed with twin boys (see Genesis 24).

However, the word “love” in the Bible is used in more than just the romantic sense. For example, we read, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16). God’s love for all people is often represented by the shape of the cross, instead of the shape of a heart, or purple, or pink.

To properly begin preparing for Easter, we at The Family of Faith will begin the season of Lent by forming a cross on our foreheads out of ashes. This ritual act of repentance is not in any way required of any of the children, families, staff, or the congregants. However, I will be present both at the beginning of the preschool day, and at the 7 PM worship service, on February 14, to offer you and your family the imposition of ashes as one way to remember the great love with which God has provided us.

Whether February 14 finds you surrounded by  pink, or  purple, or the shape of a heart, or the shape of the cross, may the love of God be yours in Christ next Wednesday, and every day.

Pastor Doug.

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