Rescued by Jesus

Vacation Bible School was celebrated this week at The Family of Faith Lutheran Church. Dozens and dozens of children from our community chose to spend the week learning about how Jesus rescues us from sin. This main theme was taught at craft time, chapel time, snack time, game time, and during Bible study time.

On each of the five days of VBS we learned about another way Jesus rescues. When you are lonely, when you worry, when you struggle, when you do wrong, and when you’re powerless…Jesus rescues. These themes included the Bible stories about the lost sheep, Mary and Martha, Jesus at Gethsemane, the crucifixion, the resurrection, and the miraculous healing of the lame man.

Please join me in giving thanks to God for all of the volunteers who generously gave of their time and abilities to support this year’s VBS. Our congregation aspires to be multiple-multiples: multi-generational, multi-cultural, multi-site, and for men and women. The Lord allowed us to realize many of these aspirations this week through our volunteers and through our guests.

While the songs were inspirational, and the crafts were clever, and the snacks were tasty, and the games were fun, the main benefit to all was the comfort offered to all through the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. May the Lord send the Holy Spirit to work through the lessons taught this week that many may know that they too are rescued by Jesus.

– Pastor Doug


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