The Small Town in the Big City

Welcome to the family – The Family of Faith. We are so glad you have chosen to be part of our “small town” in the big city. Whether your child is starting preschool for the very first time, or you are joining us in worship for the very first time, we hope you find our facilities and services to be a great blessing from God.

I recall serving as a pastor in a small town in rural Michigan. People in that church knew each other well. They shared their joys and sorrows. Life was lived together in a very real way. For example, people knew who made the rhubarb pie for the church potluck without a name plate to identify its creator. Everyone just knew Barbara was the one who enjoyed preparing such a pie and regularly brought such a pie to the church’s potluck dinners. This is just one example of how people tend to get to know each other in a small town.

In order to create a similar atmosphere of warmth and support here at The Family of Faith, I encourage you to take time to meet each other. If your child is attending one to The Family of Faith Preschool locations, I hope you will greet the other parents as you walk through the halls. If you are attending one of our worship services, I pray you will reach out to that person in the pew next to you who you have not yet met. By all of us taking some time and making an effort to meet each other we will continue to enjoy the positive social environment for which The Family of Faith is known. God’s richest blessings be yours as we begin a new academic year and as we find joy in meeting each other.

-Pastor Doug




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