Thank God for His Easter Blessings

Thank God for His Easter Blessings


Thank God! Specifically, thank God for His generous gift of joy found in the celebration of Easter this year. Here at The Family of Faith Preschool, we like to play the game “I spy” before we start chapel. “I spy with my eagle-eye something gold,” I will say.  Next, the children point to something in the sanctuary that is gold in color. I then praise the children for being so very observant. The children appear to be very proud of themselves and their ability to find objects in the room. Let’s play a game of Easter “I Spy” right now. However, instead of saying, “I spy,” I will note “I witnessed.”

This Easter I witnessed the Holy Spirit motivating 39 more souls to join us in this year’s Easter celebration than were present in last year’s celebration. In addition, I witnessed the Youth Group volunteer to prepare a fine Easter breakfast for the church. I witnessed the church accept the youth’s invitation, as well as generously donating to the youth’s goal of attending the state youth conference this summer. I witnessed dozens of children skipping across the church-yard to pick up colorful Easter eggs with their parents. I witnessed numerous vocalists and musicians leading our Easter worship celebration with joyous offerings of praise. I witnessed mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, friends and neighbors joining together to come before the Lord’s altar to receive the Lord’s Supper. I witnessed God at work amongst us this Easter Sunday. Thanks be to God!

What did you witness? Was God’s grace and mercy evident to you as the church spoke the Easter cheer “Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!”? Was the generosity of the Lord obvious to you as the hand-made art work painted in gold surrounded you in our sanctuary? Was Easter joy evident to you and your family this Easter as you gathered to enjoy of meal of celebration? I hope so. I pray so.

If you did not witness such things this Easter, it is not too late. The Easter Gospel is available to you and your family every day. The joy of knowing that Christ Jesus has paid for our sins in full is always free for you to enjoy. The hope of everlasting life in heaven by grace through faith is constantly offered to you by our most loving God. For Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!


-Pastor Doug

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