The Urge on the Verge

The definition of the word “verge” is as follows: “the limit or point beyond which something begins or occurs.”  During this time of the year many of us find ourselves on the verge of something. The 2018 graduating class from The Family of Faith Preschool are on the verge of entering Kindergarten. Many of those middle school students who were confirmed in May of 2018 are on the verge of entering high school.  The Family of Faith Preschool is on the verge of starting the 2018-2019 academic year.

In the life of our faith family we are on the verge of starting to be a multi-site ministry as The Family of Faith – Copperfied will soon have a sister campus, namely, The Family of Faith – Miramesa. The Fire Marshall, the licensing representative, the water inspector, among others, have all visited our new location leaving us with precious permits.

In the Bible the children of Israel were on the verge when they had wondered through the wilderness for forty years and were finally ready to enter the Promised Land. The Virgin Mary was on the verge when the Angel Gabriel announced to her that she would be the Mother of God. During such times God reached out to his people to give them extra assurance as they transitioned from what was a familiar situation into a new situation.

May the Lord Jesus Christ provide you his blessed assurance as you and your family live on the verge of a new school year. May the risen and reigning King of kings and Lord of lords, give The Family of Faith Lutheran ministries blessed assurance as we are on the verge of a new multi-site era. No matter what situation you are on the verge of, may you enjoy the peace that surpasses all human understanding as found in Christ Jesus our Lord.

– Pastor Doug

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